Our Process

The process in bringing your ideas to life could not be easier. Please see below our six-step process on making your dream a reality

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact us today to detail exactly the sort of jewellery you are looking for. Provide us with them most information as possible in order for us to be able to accurately meet your demands including the design, preferred shape of diamond and desired metal choice.

Additionally, you could send us a photo or link from an external website or from our Instagram feed for us to resemble or adjust where required.

Alternatively, have a browse of our collection and complete the Bespoke Enquiry Form.

Step 2: Budget

By letting us know how much you would like to spend, this makes the entire process more efficient for all parties involved. We understand everybody would like the highest quality diamond in the world however not everyone can afford this. It is important to understand this purchase is about more than money, and is also about sentiment. We care about your needs so whatever the amount, be realistic and we will be sure to find a top-quality diamond within your budget in order to create the highest quality product.

Step 3: Diamond Search

We then search for the best Diamond within your price range, explain each characteristic, and clarify why it is the best within your affordability. Diamond prices can vary based on a mixture of different factors e.g., individually amending the colour, clarity, carat and/or cut by one grade can change the overall price of a stone therefore it is important to find the right balance of each characteristic when purchasing a stone.

Step 4: Computer Aided Design

This is the part where we really get you involved in being a part of the process. We create and show you a basic mock-up of the product using our software, so you can visualise how it may look and allow you to make edits where required to suit your needs before we confirm the final design.

Step 5: Design Confirmation

We confirm the final design based on the Computer Aided Design along with the Diamond and overall price to suit your budget

Step 6: Delivery

Leave the rest to us, and you will have your desired jewellery within a maximum of 4 weeks.