The Diamond Certificate is a certificate created by gemmologists who assess the value and characteristics of a Diamond. Otherwise known as the Diamond Dossier, or more notably the Diamond Grading Report details all the features and dimensions behind a stone. Many jewellers over the world will only work with certified stones purely due to the reason that they add value to the gem.

GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI and EGL (in order of strictness) are the main evaluating bodies in the Diamond industry. However, here at Eminence Jewels, we use only the best and hence all of our certificates are from the GIA. In the market today, expect most diamonds over 0.30ct to GIA Certified.

Use the below link to search the GIA website for your Diamond Grading Report using the unique report number provided on the GIA certificate given to you with your newly purchased Diamond Jewellery.